Emblema Æonis Martis
A grim and battle-scarred veteran marches through a frozen, rusty desert. He has brown-black eyes, and grizzled hair, and his beard is short and bristly, and his face is as darkly rufous as the desert through which he walks. He carries an electric halberd – a luminous ruby burns at the centre of its five-bladed head, and red lightning flickers across each blade’s steely surface. Although the parched and frigid air – tangy with dragon’s blood and iron – is as still as stone, his pace billows his long black cloak, and his halberd’s blood red pennant. Many miles are behind him, and many miles lie ahead. He is utterly alone.  The ferrous sands are broken only by scattered, jagged outcrops of shattered obsidian, and the occasional scrawny, black-barked, leafless thorn tree. Save for the blood in his veins, and the contents of his burdensome though constantly lightening water-skins, there is no moisture for a thousand miles around. Plumes of black smoke drift from beyond the horizon, staining the carmine sky, where only a single, low-slung crimson star smoulders, far away at the end of his long, hard road. His footprints stretch out behind him, across the endless sands, in an exactly straight line. Unflagging, unswerving, he soldiers ever onward.
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