Emblema Æonis Solis
A golden-haired man in a coat of many colours struts across a circular stage, in a circular, roofless theatre. His left hand carries the weeping mask of tragedy. In his right hand, the laughing mask of comedy. His naked face is an empty, featureless blank.  A sea of faces gazes upon him, from the circular yard surrounding all but the back of the stage, and the six storeys of balconies and galleries lining the inner faces of the theatre’s encircling outer wall. They are the faces of every person he has ever known. Many of them are faded, glitching ghosts.  The back of the stage is set into a tall, arched alcove, built into the theatre’s perimeter. Films of ever-shifting scenery are projected onto its walls: impossibly dramatic landscapes with romantic, turbulent sunsets, and cityscapes aglow with pulsing neon – and battlefields, and ballrooms, and a thousand other spectacular disguises.  The ringed outer wall is topped by six towers, like a crown with six tines – golden flags fly from every steeple, fluttering in frankincense and cinnamon-scented breezes. High in the heavens, above the stage’s centre, the noontide Sun watches over all, wearing a smiling, golden-rayed mask.
Æonum (8) Emblematum (7) Iuppiter (1) Luna (1) Mars (1) Mercurius (1) Saturnus (1) Sigillorum (1) Sol (1) Tabulæ (1) Venus (1)
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